(Upto and including Footie Challenge XII)
  Most Wins in a Season 77
  Most Goals in a Season 255
  Most Points in a Season 284
  Total Wins 485
  Total Goals Scored 1631
  Total Weeks Played 201
  Total Teams Selected 1195
  Footie Challenge Ranked No. 13
  Highest Ever Ranking Position 8
  (Rankings are based on the last 3 seasons scores)
  (All above will be updated at the end of each season)
  (None of the above includes any joker points scored)
    Footie Challenge History
  FC I 2008 did not take part
  FC II 2009 did not take part
  FC III 2009-2010 did not take part
  FC IV 2010-2011 did not take part
  FC V 2011 did not take part
  FC VI 2012 Runner Up out of 22
  FC VII 2012-2013 Placed 8th out of 21
  FC VIII 2013-2014 Placed 8th out of 20
  FC IX 2014-2015 Placed 6th out of 18
  FC X 2015-2016 Placed 16th out of 27
  FC XI 2016-2017 Placed 20th out of 25
  FC XII 2017-2018 Placed 6th out of 29
    Champions Knockout History
  CK I 2014-2015 Placed 6th out of 7
  CK II 2015-2016 did not qualify
  CK III 2016-2017 did not qualify
  CK IV 2017-2018 did not qualify
  CK V 2018-2019 did not qualify

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